Friday Fun: Working My TBR With The Random Number Generator! (#1)

As I constantly get on my case about buying books, I decided that I need to try and come up with a system to read more books on my TBR. I’m really good (mostly) at reading new books I buy, or books bought in the previous year, but when it comes to older books I procrastinate. I had a few ways of finding new books to read, but all of them involved books that I didn’t own, which would be fine since there’s this great place called the library, but recently I was reshelving books on my TBR bookcase and realized how jam packed it is.

Thanks to the Random Number Generator, I found my next 5 reads! Since I currently have 394 books on my TBR, I plugged in the numbers and here’s what the numbers told me to read:

48The Bear by Claire Cameron

57More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera

172Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke

273The Old Nurse’s Story by Elizabeth Gaskell

326The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest (Millennium, #3) by Stieg Larsson

I’m think I’m happy with this selection! There’s one Canadian author, a classic, a young adult, a translation … though there are two really big books! I think the reason I haven’t read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell is because of its size, so hopefully it doesn’t intimidate me again! I haven’t actually read the first in the Millennium series, so instead of the third I’ll be reading the first book. The first three in this list I’ve owned FOREVER, so it’ll be good to knock those off, and I still haven’t read any Elizabeth Gaskell, so it’ll be nice to start with a little black classic.

When I finish these ones, I’ll write an update and pick 5 more!

How do you pick your next book to read? Do you have issues when it comes to reading older books on your TBR? Have you read any of my picks?


13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Working My TBR With The Random Number Generator! (#1)

  1. This is really an original and funny way to find your next read! Jonathan Strange intimidates me too, it sits on my TBR for like 4 years! I’m a really mood reader, so I decided what to read next only when I finish a book, and I usually alternate genre, like one crime book, then one fantasy etc…

    • It’s good to alternate genres – definitely keeps things interesting! I’m a mood reader as well, but also someone who starts new books every few days. That way I might finish something, but it’s never finishing something to the point where I’m not reading anything at all. I might also start a book I might not know I’m in the mood for just by sitting down with it and nothing else for a half hour or hour and usually by the end of that time I’ll know if I want to continue to read it or maybe if it’s not the book for me.

    • I’m definitely going to see how this month goes – I hope it works since I have SO MANY books on my TBR that it might be hard to remember what all I have. I know I have those immediate books I want to read next always on my mind, but sometimes I’ll buy something and it’ll sit there and I’ll forget about it. It’s kind of nice to pick that book and think, “oh right!” And since I bought some of these so long ago I’ll dive into them without knowing anything (since I obviously bought them knowing I’d want to read them) and if I get a few chapters in it will hopefully be a delightful surprise. I’m a mood reader, too, but find I have to dedicate a good chunk of time to reading backlist books when starting a new one – if I just do 10 minutes or so to start reading it, I’ll probably abandon it again, but if I dedicate a half hour or an hour I’m more likely to actually want to read it.

  2. What an interesting way of choosing your books! I’m a mood reader, otherwise I would totally steal this idea. I’ve only read the Millenium Trilogy and loved it – I hope you do too!

    • I think that’s why I’m going to read these books AND the next one in my immediate read pile. I always have books that I want to start ASAP, but since I usually read lots of books at once (currently at 8), starting something new doesn’t always have to be something I’m in the mood for. And if I give it a good half hour or so to get into it, I’m more likely to be in the mood for it by the end. At any rate, I’ll see how these 5 go and hopefully I can continue with this in the future!

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  4. This looks like a nice mix of books. The only one I’ve read is The Bear (which I really liked). I’m definitely a mood reader – not very good at sticking to a list. Although, maybe if I could read it in whatever order I wanted… and throw in a few other books in between… 🙂

    • Oh I’m definitely mixing in other books. lol. I’ve been trying to read by having a classic on the go, starting new books as I get them, and fitting in older books or read-along books in there too. I read a LOT at once. lol

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