Series I Won’t Be Continuing To Read!

Over the past decade (wow – have I been blogging for that long?!?) I’ve amassed quite a few series books. I’ve had series I’ve finished, tried, forgotten about, and loved, but even with that, series books aren’t my favourite. I much prefer a story that I can sink my teeth into that has a beginning, middle, and an end – NOT a story that takes books and books to complete.

Don’t get me wrong – series books are great when done right, which to me means a series book that might have an ongoing storyline but also has a resolution at the end. Series books that have constant cliffhangers and don’t actually accomplish much throughout the duration of a book, expecting not only you to remember what happened in the previous book when the next one comes out but also to have that book make such an impression on you that it won’t just be forgotten about as more and more great books are released.

I’ve actually eased up on reading series in the past few years, but I have started a few that I might have liked in the beginning but no longer want to continue with. Here are just a few of them:

The Wayward Children series by Seanan McGuire

So I read the first book in this series last October and didn’t like it, BUT I gave it another chance earlier this year and liked it a lot more. Then I got the second book in the series, Down Among The Sticks And Bones, and thought it was just okay. At about $23 a book, for such a slim volume, I just didn’t want to continue on. The story didn’t grab me enough to continue, with the tone and writing style of the second book being so different from the first, and the fact that there’s to be 7 books, I think, in the series – it’s just not something I want to commit to.

The Stillhouse Lake series by Rachel Caine

The first book in this series, Stillhouse Lake, was one that I was anticipating SO MUCH and I actually really enjoyed it. The problem is that it ended without a resolution and continued on in the next book. I loved what I had read and I almost wish that the series continued, but maybe with a different thriller setting and different characters, rather than a continuation of the first book. Seriously disappointed.

The Magonia series by Maria Dahvana Headley

I actually really enjoyed this first book! It was very interesting with it’s strange worlds and bird people, but, again, it just didn’t grab me enough to continue on. The story was good, but really confusing, and even though I loved the sarcastic tone of Aza, the main character, I just didn’t want to stick around for her story.

The A Wrinkle In Time series by Madeleine L’Engle

I know this one is probably a bit controversial, but while I did really love rereading this book at the end of last year, it’s just not a series I want to continue with. Just like a few of these other series, it’s the magical realism that I don’t really like, and I also can’t see myself committing to these characters.

The Beartown series by Fredrik Backman

This is one of those books that I wasn’t sure I would like, based on all the hype surrounding it, but nearly halfway through reading it I realized that I absolutely ADORED it. I loved Backman’s writing style and the fact that the story was so different from what I was expecting, BUT I kind of like it just ending where it ended. It had a great resolution and felt complete by the end and I feel like reading more might be disappointing. Maybe I’ll change my mind in the future, after reading more of Backman’s books, but for now I’m shelving the series.

The Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas

Now, I loved Sarah J. Maas’s series A Court of Thorns and Roses (well, the first two books at least) and thought I would love this series as well, and I actually did as I started it. The first three books were so good and I could see myself carrying on with the series, but then there were new characters who were really boring, characters I loved who weren’t in the next books, and even though I tried, I just couldn’t get into the fourth book. I had bought the fourth and fifth book thinking I’d love them, but they are going in the donation pile. I don’t think this Sarah J. Maas series is for me!

And one I’m on the fence about …

The Trickster series by Eden Robinson

I read this book because it was a part of Canada Reads and initially really loved Robinson’s writing style, but despite that and the emotion that’s throughout the book, I felt like Jared’s family was cliche and the story was just clunky in sections. I’m also not the biggest fan of magical realism, so maybe that’s something that really held me back. I didn’t realize as I was reading this that it was a series, so I was quite disappointed to find that out. Part of me wants to continue on with the series but another part of me thinks it might just be a disappointment. If anything, I might get the next volume out from the library rather than commit to buying it.

I’m sure there are many more that I won’t be continuing with, but this is just a taste from ONLY the last year or so. Are there any series that you won’t be continuing with? Any that really disappointed you? 


10 thoughts on “Series I Won’t Be Continuing To Read!”

    1. I liked her at first, but towards the end I just wasn’t feeling her anymore. And it’s so hard to commit to a series when it’s going to be so long!

  1. I am not a series person really. I think I have finished like one series ever. But I have lots on my TBR. I wonder if I will ever actually read them.

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