Books I Read in 2017 & Still Can’t Stop Thinking About!

In case you’re unaware, 2018 is now nearly at an end! I’ve been looking forward to my 2019 reading, but part of me is still stuck in 2017 and the books I read that year. 2017 was the year I read the most books in my reading history, having read 279 books. I can say as a fact that I can’t remember a lot of them, but there are some books that have stuck in my head, begging for a reread because I just want to experience them again.

My Not-So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella (read in February 2017)

I think I’ve read nearly every single Sophie Kinsella book, except for maybe some of the newer Shopaholic books, but this one has to be my absolute favourite. I love stories where a city girl goes to the country and finds herself while she’s there, realizing that the life she was leading might not have been the life she was meant to live. I think shortly after finishing this book I wanted to read it again so I don’t know why I haven’t. This might have to be a 2019 goal!

Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan (read in February 2017)

And yet another kind of book I love, where a girl escapes her life and moves somewhere new to start again. This was the first Jenny Colgan book I read, I believe, and I loved it so much. I think I’d love any book that has food in it, but this one was just so sweet and romantic, plus I loved Polly. I have a couple more books in this series that I still haven’t read but I think I need to go back and revisit this one again because it was just so good.

The Black Prism (Lightbringer, #1) by Brent Weeks (read in April 2017)

I can’t believe that it’s been more than a year and a half and I still haven’t read the second book in this series! I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this book and whenever I think about it, I go between wanting to read it again and wanting to pick up the next book because it was one of those fantasy reads that I just really loved. Kit’s character is so memorable and the ending to this book was just awesome.

Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye (read in April 2017)

I’m not sure if I knew that this was a reimagining of Jane Eyre or not when I first picked it up. It was the cover that really grabbed me in the bookstore and I had heard some good things about the story prior to that. I don’t even think that I gave this one a high rating, but after reading Jane Eyre again this year after a LONG time I’ve been wanting to revisit this book because maybe I’ll like it more having reread the classic.

A World Without You by Beth Revis (read in August 2017)

I haven’t been reading a lot of YA books since probably about the time I read this book. I had loved a lot of Beth Revis’s books and was worried that I wouldn’t like this book because I had been falling out of love with YA but this story was just so good. It was completely unexpected and I remember crying by the end. I think it has one of the most memorable endings and I want to revisit the story to see if I’ll still love it.

Misery by Stephen King (read in September 2017)

I’ve read probably around a dozen Stephen King books now and for some reason this one is always niggling in the back of my mind. I’ve watched the movie twice and whenever I watch it, I want to reread the book. I think it’s my favourite Stephen King so far (alongside The Long Walk) and Annie’s character is one of the most memorable characters in fiction, or at least I think she is. I had actually wanted to reread this one in October before watching the movie again but never did get around to it.

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (read in November 2017)

This was one of the first classics I read back in 2017 and I would always pick it up before bed and would think that the long monologues by the characters were just too long and it wasn’t until the ending that I felt this story was truly epic. Having read many more classics over the last year I want to go back to this one and take my time reading it, knowing that it’s one of those stories that I should read in big chunks of time.

The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami (read in December 2017)

This was the first and only book that I’ve read by Murakami and it was such a strange little book that I can’t get it out of my head. I’ve read that it’s quite different from his other books so I’m interested to read something else by him. I have another one of his books, Norwegian Wood, on my reading pile and might read that one and then this one again to see his different writing styles. This book has also stuck with me because it’s just so pretty! Of course, my kids got ahold of my copy and ripped the very eye-catching cover which is disappointing, but I think I’ve gotten over it by now.

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett (read in December 2017)

This is an interesting book because I remember it being my first Ann Patchett and also that I loved it to pieces, BUT I don’t really remember any of it other than the beautiful cover. Prior to reading this I think a lot of my reads were very plot-driven and this story is very much about the characters and their relationships. It’s one of those slower books that’s more drama than event after event (if that makes sense) and I think it’s a book that taught me the joy of slowly reading a book and taking in the characters and the changes in their lives. I’ve heard such wonderful things on other Ann Patchett books that I’d like to reread this one and then pick up something else by her.

And those are 9 books that I read in 2017 that I am still thinking about 1-2 years later. This year I did more rereading than I usually do and I hope to do more in 2019 because, really, what’s the point of falling in love with a book if you can’t revisit its pages? I know there are so many books in the world, more than any of us could read in a lifetime combined, but I feel like the old stories also need love and there’s nothing wrong with taking the time to read them again and see those easter eggs early on in their pages and revisiting relationships or storylines that we loved on our first read.

Do you still think of books you’ve read years ago? Any that have just kept niggling in your brain, itching for a reread? Have you reread anything this year? What has been a favourite reread for you? 


4 thoughts on “Books I Read in 2017 & Still Can’t Stop Thinking About!”

  1. Jane Steele is one of my all time favorites! I think looking back on books is so important. We always get caught up in what to read next and taking time to see what has stuck with you is such a great idea.

  2. The only book I’ve re-read this year is Orlando by Virginia Woolf. I loved it the first time and even more the second, it’s original, creative and fun!! I love your list from Jenny Colgan to Stephen King! This year I read Anne Tyler Ladder of Years, which is about escaping and starting a new life, have you read it?

  3. Totally agree about the importance of re-reading books. One of my reading goals in 2019 is to do one re-read every month, just because I find myself thinking about some of my favorites and wanting to experience them again.

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