Non-Fiction Book Bingo 2019 Challenge!

As 2018 is coming to a close, I realized that only 9% of my reading this year has been non-fiction books – NINE PERCENT. I had planned to read a lot more non-fiction this year and did pretty good at the beginning of the year and then slowly fell off track as the year went on. I was quite disappointed with myself come December and tried to pick up more non-fiction titles but despite the three titles I picked up, it just didn’t pick up the slack from the whole year.

Searching for non-fiction challenges didn’t bring up a whole lot, but I did come across a few BINGO challenges for non-fiction reading … from about 5 years ago. So I just decided to make up a BINGO board for myself and put it up here in case anyone else wanted to play along!

This isn’t an official challenge – more of a personal challenge I’m just extending to my lovely readers. I will update my reading quarterly and you can share your reading then, too, but there isn’t going to be monthly check-ins, hashtags, prizes, or anything. This is just a way to not only try and read more non-fiction, but to diversify it a bit.

Here is the board I came up with:

a book that’s been made into a movie –
a self-help title – 
a title by an indigenous author – 
a biography –
a title by a Canadian author – 
a Baillie Gifford award winner – 
a celebrity or public figure memoir – 
a true crime title – 
a title by a person of colour – 
a book about science & technology – 
a book about feminism – 
a book about nature or the environment – 
free space – 
a 2019 release – 
a book about parenting or relationships – 
a book on religion or spirituality – 
a pre-2000 non-fiction title – 
a book about a medical condition – 
a title that was a 5-star read for a friend – 
a book about travel – 
an essay collection –
a book about food, wine, or cooking – 
a book set outside of North America – 
a Goodreads winner (from any year) – 
a non-fiction book that has been translated – 

I think I have about two dozen non-fiction titles on my shelves to read and I know some of them fall into these categories, but I’ve added quite a few to my reading list from previous years of Nonfiction November and from reading blogs in general.

My goal in 2019 is to try and have a non-fiction book on the go all the time. I really enjoy reading non-fiction and would love to have 25% of my reads in 2019 be non-fiction reads.

Do you have any goals when it comes to reading non-fiction? Any titles you’re looking forward to reading in 2019? Would you like to participate in my nonfiction book bingo?


16 thoughts on “Non-Fiction Book Bingo 2019 Challenge!”

  1. I’d love to participate in your bingo but I wish you’d make a graphic I could put on my reading challenges page and have linkups so we can visit each other and see what we’ve read. I read almost exclusively nonfiction!

  2. Can I recommend you my absolute favourite book, which just happens to be a non-fiction title on religion (and so would check one of your boxes).
    It’s called Destiny Disrupted by Tamim Ansary. It’s written in a wonderfully engaging style and is incredibly informative.

  3. I’m collecting challenges and I like what you’ve come up with! I know I’m doing the Popsugar challenge, trying to get through the books I already have! Also my two favorite nonfiction reads were In Pieces by Sally Field and Our Prince of Scribes (edited by Nicole Seitz) Writers Remember Pat Conroy. Good Luck with your challenge!

  4. That’s so cool, a bingo board! I have signed up for two challenges and I also participate in Cook the Books so, I will see if I can do your challenge too. I hope so!

    And don’t sweat the little things like how many non-fictions you’ve read. Read what you want!

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