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Musical Saturday: Love From Page One

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Remember how I said I wasn’t yet caught up with my reading? Well, it’s been what? 5 weeks and I’m STILL not caught up! So I have a gift for you! Another Musical Saturday!

Also, today is the day I usually post my library read, but since my library is currently in the process of moving, it’ll be another few weeks until I have one of those posts. Trust me — I’ve marked down SO MANY books in the last week that I plan on sharing soon!

Anyway, this is a song I wrote last week from the guidance of Anne (from Creativity’s Corner). I asked on Twitter what I should write a song about and she told me to write about the inability to move on from a really good book, so that’s what I wrote about! You know — you finish an AWESOME book, then try to read something new, but it just DOESN’T COMPARE! You all know the feeling, I know it!

Since I’ve been so busy, this was actually shot at 6:00 a.m. before a long day of boxing up books at work. YOU’RE WELCOME. I know everyone likes seeing everyone else this early. Surprisingly, I was quite alert …

Download the song (for free!) from Bandcamp. Continue reading “Musical Saturday: Love From Page One”

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Musical Saturday: Ode to My Books (I’ve Got All Day)

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*taps on the microphone*

Anyone here? I know, I know … I have SLACKED with the Musical Saturday posts, but I’ve got one for you today! I’m still on hiatus for my Weekend Library Reads and Book Hoarder’s Selection posts and since today is the day I would post my WLR, I thought I should have something special for y’all. Aren’t I nice?

This is a song I wrote a few years ago, but rerecorded especially for you! And in the video you’ll get a glimpse at part of my home library. 🙂

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MUSICAL SATURDAY: Experiments in Terror

If you’re like me, you read a LOT of books. Some of them are good, some of them are bad, some of them blow your mind, and some of them you can’t even get through. I’ve had my fair mix of all of these.

BUT, in the past few weeks I found a new favourite author and a new favourite series that completely BLEW MY MIND. So much so that after I spent 7 days reading the 5 books and 3 novellas available in the series, I had an entire week of just picking up books, reading a bit, putting them down, and so on. Nothing was as good as this series to me. I loved it THAT much.

So yes, if you read my blog or follow me on Goodreads or Twitter, you will know who I’m talking about.

Karina Halle and her Experiment in Terror series.

I love this series SO MUCH and can’t believe I just found out about it. I heart me some Dex and Perry and if you’re a fan of ghost hunting, the supernatural, or relationships that are crazy, complicated, and real, you NEED to read this series. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re still on sale at Amazon! Continue reading “MUSICAL SATURDAY: Experiments in Terror”