Missed out on one of the discussions on the blog? Here is a list of previous discussions that have been on the blog:

Book Reviews, Writing, and Bad Behaviour (posted January 17, 2012)
With writing a book — or creating any medium — the creator will always come across negative reviews. These are my thoughts on negative reviews, and on creating art. Feel free to add yours!

Reading, Loving, and Forgetting (posted January 26, 2012)
Do you have trouble remembering what you read? Do you read so much that when someone asks you about a book you’ve read you have to think about it for a minute to remember what happened? Let me know how you remember!

Finding Balance (posted February 16, 2012)
Reading, blogging, family, friends, work, play — how do we keep up? For some, it’s hard to find that balance between everything they enjoy in life. How do you find your balance? Feel free to weigh in!

The Series Book Vs. The Standalone Novel (posted March 15, 2012)
These days there are TONS of series books available. But how many series books can you read? Do you prefer reading a standalone novel instead? Let me know your thoughts!

The Beauty of Books (And Why It’s Okay to Read YA) (posted March 30, 2012)
This is for the people who AREN’T young adults who love to read YA novels. Should we feel ashamed by reading these books? I don’t think so. Feel free to let me know what you think!

The Genius of Audiobooks (posted April 19, 2012)
If you’ve found your balance but feel like you’re reading less, give audiobooks a try! This post outlines just what it says — the genius of audiobooks and why YOU should be reading … er, listening to them. Let me know what you think.

Stepping back, taking breaks (posted April 25, 2012)
When blogging starts to feel like too much, we step back and take breaks. This is my account of feeling swamped. Let me know if you’ve felt the same way.

Becoming a reader again (posted April 27, 2012)
With taking breaks comes reader enjoyment. If you’re a blogger, you know the stress that comes with reading too many review books in a row. Sometimes we want to just enjoy reading. Have you ever wanted to become a reader again?

Reading Preferences: Substance or Fluff? (posted July 5, 2012)
Do you prefer reading books that are light and fluffy, or hard and substantial? And what do those words mean? Should we be classified by the genre of books we read — that is, should we feel like we should only read books of certain genres to be real readers? Let me know what you think.

Writing Blogs and Making Friends (posted July 26, 2012)
A look at ways to make bookish friends in real life and through book blogging. Feel free to share the ways you’ve made bookish friends in real life and through blogging!

It’s All About YOU! (posted August 1, 2012)
My response to Amanda’s discussion about blogging for yourself. What blogging means to me, why I started blogging, and how I’m trying to blog for myself. How do you blog for yourself?

Doing it Dirty: Should We Feel Embarrassed About Our Reads (posted August 9, 2012)
Romance. Smut. Erotica. A fine line between three genres that sometimes come across as the same. Should readers feel embarrassed for reading such books?

Book Blogger Me Then vs. Book Blogger Me Now (posted August 16, 2012)
A look at my book blogging efforts over the years and how I’ve evolved as a book blogger.

Where Do the Reviews Go? (posted August 23, 2012)
A discussion on whether reviews should be posted solely on the blog, or if it’s okay to post them somewhere else as well.

To Friend Or Not To Friend (Is It All a Popularity Contest?) (posted August 30, 2012)
Who do you friend on Twitter or Goodreads? Are you selective about who you follow? What kind of relationships are you looking for when it comes to book blogging? Is it okay to look for real relationships, rather than getting the most followers?

Vampires Vs. Zombies (posted September 6, 2012)
A special edition discussion post for Zombie Week, discussing why vampires are far more superior to zombies.

Ghostly Encounters (posted September 27, 2012)
A special edition discussion post for Paranormal Week, discussing ghostly things.

Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Blogger (posted October 4, 2012)
One year of blogging. One year of lessons learned.

How to Purge Your Bookcase (posted October 11, 2012)
Or, “How I Managed to Cull Over 200 Books From My Bookshelves”

Book Blogging & Real Life (posted October 18, 2012)
Is book blogging something that crosses over into your real life? Do you talk about it with people?

Buying The Books (Or, How Readers in Bookstores Are Like Kids in Candy Stores) (posted October 25, 2012)
Do you automatically think you need to buy the books you want to read? Are you more of a “renter,” getting your books from the library?

How To Live With a Non-Reader (posted November 8, 2012)
We all wish the people we lived with were readers, but since we can’t convince everyone of the beauty of books, here are tips for living with that non-reader in your life.

The Book Snob — Are You One? (posted November 22, 2012)
This is a discussion about the book snob, or those people who roll their eyes or shake their head at someone who reads for fun. Is it wrong to read for fun? Or, is it okay to NOT want to read literary greats or classics?

How to Avoid Reading Slumps (Can They Ever Be Avoided?) (posted December 6, 2012)
The reading slump. It happens. But maybe with some tips, it can be avoided.

Where to Get Free Books, Cheap Books, and Review Books (posted December 20, 2012)
The title says it all. A guide for finding deals on books and where to find review books.

How Amanda Got Me Organized (AKA The “Scheduling Your Blog” Post) (posted January 3, 2013)
How I manage to keep on top of the blog using organization tips from Amanda from On a Book Bender.

Writing Guest Posts (posted January 17, 2013)
When it comes to writing guest posts, what is expected from the guest poster, to the person hosting the guest post. My thoughts on what “guest posting” encompasses.

How Do You Read? (posted January 31, 2013)
When it comes to picking out your next read, how do you do it?

Show Me The Romance! (A Special Valentine’s Day Discussion) (posted on February 14, 2013)
We talk about romance in books! What do you like?

Modern Adaptations of Classics (posted on February 28, 2013)
Are you a reader of the classics? Do you read the modern adaptations and long to read the originals?

The Art of Discussion Writing (posted on March 14, 2013)
I love writing discussion posts — hopefully you will love to write them, too!

What Are We Reviewing? (posted March 28, 2013)
When it comes to reviewing books — print books, audiobooks — what do we need to take into consideration when writing our reviews?

Quitting Blogging (posted on April 11, 2013)
The ugly monster can rear its head to bloggers of all shapes and sizes!

What It Takes to Be a Book Blogger (Or, Why It’s Not As Easy As It Looks) (posted April 25, 2013)
A look at all the things book bloggers to do on their blogs — from networking, reading, post writing, designing, etc.

If I Had a Time Machine (posted May 10, 2013)
Transporting myself to bookish lands …

Audiobook Discussion: Preferred Listening Habits (posted June 7, 2013)
Since there are so many ways to listen to and obtain audiobooks, I want to know what YOUR listening habits are.

Audiobook Discussion: How Much is Too Much? (posted June 21, 2013)
When it comes to listening to audiobooks, what kind of listener are you? Can you listen all day, or are you a short spurt kind of person? We’re talking about how long attention spans are!

Ereading: One Year Later (posted July 12, 2013)
It’s been over a year since I’ve read my first ebook — here’s what I think of them now!

Series Books and Rereading (posted August 9, 2013)
How do you approach series books? Do you reread all the books in the series before starting a new one? Do you have series books where you can just dive into the next one without recap?

Why Old Books Are OK (posted September 19, 2013)
Not all books reviews on blogs need to be new — here’s my thoughts on why old books are good, too!

How Do YOU Classify Canadian Literature? (posted October 18, 2013)
When it comes to Canadian literature, how do YOU classify it — by author, by publisher? Maybe by setting? I’m confused!

Death, Dying, and the end of Characters (posted November 15, 2013)
We all love our characters and have our favourites. But then they DIE.

The Great Cover Debate (posted December 13, 2013)
People, scenery … what is your preference?

Book Reviewing Through Vlogs (posted January 17, 2014)
Talking about reviewing books through a video, rather than a written post. Is this a thing now?

My Jumbled Thoughts on ARCs (Or, Why I Fail At Reading Review Books But Request Them Anyway) (posted February 13, 2014)
Does a title like that really need an explanation?

Conquering Bookish Anxiety (posted February 21, 2014)
So many books, so little time … A plea for suggestions on how to overcome the anxiety!

Music & Reading (posted June 7, 2014)
Are you a person who reads in silence, or can you tolerate distractions? Here are MY thoughts on both.

The Great Appeal of Signed Books (posted March 21, 2014)
Everyone LOVES a signed book — what is so great about them?

The “Outsiders” in YA (posted April 18, 2014)
Talking about people who AREN’T the lead characters in YA books — i.e. the bad guys.

A Little Library Love (posted May 16, 2014)
My local library is AWESOME. Maybe my tips here will make you look a little more into your own local library.

Love triangles, insta-love, and other love-related things that irk me in YA (posted June 20, 2014)
The title says it all. (Longest title ever.)

The Great Series Debate (posted June 21, 2014)
Everything is becoming a series these days! Is it really necessary?

Reading Habits — How MANY Do You Read? (posted June 14, 2014)
Are you a multi-book reader? Or do you prefer to read just one book at a time?

Reading Habits — Quality vs. Quantity (posted May 31, 2014)
When it comes to reading books, do you go for the quality of a book? Or do you try to read as many books as possible, regardless of the quality?

Reading Habits — Series Extras (posted May 24, 2014)
It seems like every series these days has those little extra novellas you can download. Some are good, some are bad — this is what I think a novella should be.

Authors Using Pseudonyms (posted April 26, 2014)
Lately it seems like a lot of authors are writing under pseudonyms, or pen names, these days. These are some of my pet peeves when it comes to pseudonyms.

Finding the Perfect Scary Book (posted June 28, 2014)
What do you look for when it comes to scary books? What makes a book scary to you?

The Height and Weight of it All (posted May 11, 2014)
Are authors focusing too much on the size and stature of their characters? Does a character’s height really need to be in the story? Does their weight?

Reading Habits — The Fine Art of DNF-ing (posted May 4, 2014)
When it comes to not finishing a book, what is your criteria? Are you apt to DNF a book — will you trudge through to the very end, or are there certain things that will break a book for you?