COVER LOVE began as a way to talk about one of my favourite things about books — THE COVERS! Rather than just showcasing all the covers for a particular book, I pick two of my favourites, or two that are wildly different, and discuss how each of them fits (or doesn’t fit) with the book. I talk about the overall design of the cover — layout, colours, appeal — as well as my thoughts on how it expresses what’s inside of the book.

Featured covers have included: A Million Suns, by Beth Revis; Spin, by Catherine McKenzie; Starters, by Lissa Price; The Name of the Star, by Maureen Johnson; Paper Towns, by John Green; Harbour, by John A. Lindqvist; and many more!

BOOK HOARDERS SELECTION started as a way for me to actually read the books that I buy. While I have a nasty habit of buying both bargain books and hot new releases, they usually end up on my shelf for the longest time until I get around to reading them, usually under the dust of the other new reads I managed to accumulate. Once every other week, I will feature one book from my pile that I will read in the coming week. This will share new and old titles with the readers, as well as help me get my piles down!

WEEKEND LIBRARY READING started after I realized how many library books I came home with each week! With no fewer than 20 library books on my counter each week, I thought I should highlight one that I plan to read over a weekend. I love supporting my local library and this will be a way to help me continue to do so!

MUSICAL SATURDAY is a way for me to combine my two loves — music and books! Since I like to let a little bit of me shine on the blog, I wanted to start a feature that would show something that I love to do. And what better way to do that than to have a bookish song or two? Writing as the muse comes to me, these bookish songs vary wildly by topic and I’m not one to turn down requests!

Previous songs have included: The Road Trip Song, Things I Like in Books, and Ode to Stephanie Perkins.

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