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I wouldn’t exactly call myself a designer, but I have designed a few things. I though I’d have a page to show my readers some of the headers I’ve done, as well as a collection of the buttons I’ve done for the blog.

Headers for Other Bloggers

Sarah’s blog, Breaking the Binding
Jac’s blog, For Love & Books

Anne’s blog, Obsessed with CreativityObsessed with Creativity Header-01

Headers for My Blog

Ah, a retrospective … or, the evolution of a blog header:

The very first one … I still do like it because of the book, but it’s ooooh so simple …
The second one and my first attempt at expressing the “winter” part of the title …
My third attempt, which shows a lot more personality, but was too small for me … 
And the fourth (and, possibly the last?) header … a little more whimsical and pretty … 

Old Buttons (for features and memes)

Buttons for Other Bloggers

Two buttons I made for the lovely Anne over at Creativity’s Corner

And for Anne’s Obsessed with Creativity blog:

Miscellaneous Buttons

Edmonton Book Blogger button … note my stellar drawing of Alberta …

The new Edmonton book blogger button (made so members don’t need the directory button on their blogs) … 
Edmonton Book Blogger-01

The old blog button, featuring the moody Alberta sky …

The new blog button, featuring some beautiful winter berries …

My craft blog button, featuring some of my photography … 
Winter Crafter Button-01

For new feature buttons, visit the Features page. 


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