Rating Scale

I had never really intended to add ratings to my reviews on this blog, but I was starting to get frustrated with the lack of description while rating my reads on Goodreads (what is the difference between liked it, really liked it, and loved it?). I know some people might be against rating the books they read, which is why I wanted a combination of ratings and enjoyment (inspired by Amanda and her awesome organization).

I want you, fellow booklovers, to know when a book is being held in the highest regard on my shelf — a book that makes me want to tell everyone about it — or when a book is considered a complete dud and/or money-waster. I also thought this would make it easier on me, when I finish a book, to really understand what my thoughts about it were.

** Note: I do have intentions of adding my rating to all of my reviews, but as of right now, they’ll only be on reviews from July 2012 onward. I’ll work on the rest as time permits!

Here’s what my rating scale means:

I finished it, but would not recommend it. Ever. To anyone. In fact, I’m not really sure what compelled me to finish reading. In the words of Rick over at The Book a Week Project, this is a toilet paper book.

This book was not good. It’s the kind of book you should read only if nothing else is available, but not by choice. Don’t waste your money. There are many other better books out there.

Definitely not a good book, but there were a few redeeming qualities to it. That being said, I’m still happy it’s over. Get it from your library if you must read it.

This is a book I wanted to like — maybe because a beautiful cover or because of the hype surrounding it — but I finished feeling very indifferent about it. There were too many things I disagreed with or disliked to make me really like this book.

There were issues – minor issues, at that – but I still liked the book and am very interested in reading more by the author. This is still one you should add to your reading list!

Yes, this was a great book – one that kept my interest and most likely one I would reread. Not quite amazing or life-changing, but definitely one I would recommend. This is a book that should be on your rainy-day shopping list.

An amazing book, a life-changing book, and one that will stick with me. I laughed, I cried, and showed major emotion. I want to shout from the rooftops my love for this book and possibly bake a cake for the author. This is a book I could read over and over again and recommend to anyone. This is a book that will definitely go on my shelf!


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